August 29, 2019

Where: FamiLAB, 1355 Bennett Dr. Unit 105, Longwood, FL. (free parking)

When: Thursday, August 29th 2019 @ 7:30pm

What: General meeting (post defcon27)

Hi Everyone,

We’re back at it again, post the “DEFCON high”. So many awesome villages, parties, and people. Can’t wait until next year!

What cool talks, tools, techniques did you see? What was your Defcon/BlackHat/BesidesLV experience? Come out this Thursday at FamiLAB. Feel free to bring any toolz or badges, toys, stickers etc.


  • Topics
    • “cable” demonstration
    • mystery video
    • other conferences / training for this year
    • future topics/interest for next meetings
  • Admin
    • Next meeting date schedule conflicts:
      • Oct 31 is Halloween
      • Nov 28 is Thanksgiving
    • Location(s)

Let’s keep it safe & have fun!

If you have any trouble getting in the building please contact us on the FamiLAB Slack on the #security channel or ring the doorbell.

Also, join CentralSec to connect with other Orlando security folks and checkout the #dc407 channel.

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