October 30, 2018

Where: FAMiLab, 1355 Bennett Dr. Unit 105, Longwood, FL

When: Tuesday, October 30th 2018 @ 7:30pm

What: General Meeting

Hi Everyone, tonight is security night.

Did anyone check out derbycon or wildwesthackinfest? Find any cool / informative talks – share the knowledge.

If there is anything something specific that you want to hack at security night feel free to bring it.


  • should we change venues to downtown?
    • if we change nights we could meet downtown
    • but parking wouldn’t be free 😦
  • future topics?
    • SDR?
    • Soldering 101?
    • CTF?
  • anyone from 2600?

If you have any trouble getting in the building please contact us on the FamiLAB Slack on the #security channel or ring the doorbell.

Also, join CentralSec to connect with other Orlando security folks and checkout the #dc407 channel.

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